El Angel (subtitled)

Run time does not include previews1 hr 55 min | Suspense/Thriller | Not Rated
El Angel (subtitled)
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  • Release Date
    December 7, 2018
  • Rating
    Not Rated
  • Genre
  • Director
    Luis Ortega
  • Starring
    Lorenzo Ferro, Chino Darín, Mercedés Morán, Daniel Fanego, Luís Gnecco, Peter Lanzani, Cecilia Roth, Malena Villa
  • Distributor
    The Orchard
Buenos Aires, 1971. Carlitos is a seventeen-year-old youth. As a young boy, he coveted other people's things, but it wasn't until his early adolescence that his true calling - to be a thief - manifested itself. When he meets Ramon at his new school, Carlitos is immediately drawn to him. Together they will embark on a journey of discoveries, love and crime.
TODAY / Wednesday Dec 12, 2018
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